Between the Wars (1945-1951)

1 Group (Bawtry) had its Communication Flight based at Worksop from December 1945 until January 1946 (orDec46 to Early 47?) after being based at RAF Bircotes and were later at RAF Finningley (with 3 Avro Ansons (inc C19 TX191)), 1 Chipmunk, 1 Meteor and 1 Canberra).

Bomber Command’s Central Night Vision Training School (CNVTS) came from Finningley in 1946 until 7th June 1948. This course lasted 11 days and taught the principals of night flying using various aperatus.  This unit left when merged with the Central School of Aircraft Recognition from RAF Sutton-on-Hull and the Central Link Trainer School becoming the Central Synthetic Training School at RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey.

Transport Command’s Central Vision Training School from November 1946 until May 1948.  Other units to use the base include Night Bomber Tactical Training School (from RAF Finningley).  Unfortunately information on these units is scant and some of those mentioned with similar names may be the same units.

Just a few years after the airfield had opened the Bomber Command Instructors School also left and it was placed under Flying Training Command and effectively mothballed on a care & maintenance scheme.

The airfield was also home for tanks too.  In 1948 'A Squadron' of the 6th Royal Tank Regiment were assigned to 49th (West Riding) Armoured Division Training Regiment and based at the airfield training personnel from the 45th (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment (TA) under Lietenant Colonel R B Holden DSO TD with Brigadier James Noel Tetley DSO TD as Honorary Colonel.  This would more than likely have been over weekends or possibly an annual camp to receive driver training on tanks and trucks and possibly for wireless training.  Their gunnery training was undertaken on field firing ranges in North Yorkshire or possibly Warcop.  They moved out at some point going to to Tidworth camp and Castlemartin. and went to Germany in 1952 as part of 20 Armoured Brigade.  Their motto was "Fear Naught". During 1956 A Squadron of 6RTR took part in the Suez capturing Port Said with Centurion tanks.The 45/51RTR disbanded on 31st October1956.  (nearby Carlton Hall also had a tank regiment as well as German and Italian PoW's during WW2).

In 1950 the Bomber Command reunion for the area took place at 'The Rising Sun' in Finningley.

RAF Worksop, RAF Scofton, Airfield, 1950
RAF Worksop in 1950 The control tower is the building with shadow at the bottom of the picture and just south of it is the square with WP upside down. Photo courtesy of Chris Savage

Thanks to Ron Addyman for clearing up the 6RTR section for me.