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Posted by Cliff. JOY on 27/08/2016   Email

Can anyone help. I was attached to RAF Worksop Late 1956 to early 1957. There were 6 of us from different camps posted to a supply depot about 10 to 20 miles south of Worksop. It was run by mainly civilians, it was down a country lane among trees. We were taking stores to a railway station, about 5 miles away. The site was closing down.I am trying to find the name of this camp. Were any of doing this with me, Yes I know it is, 70 years ago. Please send an e-mail to me if you can help. Put the heading RAF, so it wont get unread, as junk mail. THANK YOU CLIFF.

Posted by george grimes on 14/03/2016   Email

passed out firemam 1958

Posted by John Barker on 18/07/2015   Email

Meteor training 1955. Went on to 102 Sqdn as Canberra pilot.

Posted by jOHN j. bAUTISTA on 05/04/2015   Email

RAF Teleg 2 - Corporal i/c Signals Section 1952/1954 when under the command of F/O Turner.

Posted by Adie Platts on 02/02/2015

Very Interesting, as a kid I used to ride bikes up an down the aerodrome as I lived just over the road.

Posted by Michael on 15/12/2014   Email

My Father was stationed at Worksop, and used to take me and my Brother there on Sundays, We had the run of the airfield and used to sit and play in the cockpits of the Meteor and Vampire jets as well as going out to refuel the jets on the Bowsers. I had an uncle who was killed in the 50's flying a Meteor and trying to find out more about what happened. I would look forward to any contact.

Posted by George gibbs on 03/07/2014   Email

Interested to talk to anybody who was with me at worksop fire section

Posted by Annette Edis on 06/06/2014   Email

Does anyone have any information on a Polish Air Force Officer who had a relationship with Peggy Edis from Ponders End and fathered her son Ramon Edis at Radcliffe Hospital Oxford

Posted by Anita on 05/05/2014   Email

Anyone have any information of foreign trainee air pilots at raf worksop in 1955 have tried many sites over the years but cant get anywhere i would love to know if theres any group photos or where they can be seen as wanting information on a adan shabban who was a trainee overseas pilot in 1955 . Regards Anita.

Posted by Alan Jenkins on 06/04/2014

I've been tracing my family tree, and my uncle was Stanley T Jenkins, killed in the crash on 1st April 1955. I had known previously that he had been killed in an aircraft crash, but now I have much more information on his death, and where he spent his last years.

Posted by Peter Jones on 27/03/2014   Email

I served as an air radio fitter on 3AWJR at Strubby from mid 1958 to end 1960. Among those I remember from the squadron were Sqn Ldr Walter Bibby, Peter Bulford, Doughy Baker and Flt Lt ? Christie.

Posted by JIM FRANCIS on 13/03/2014   Email

I was at Worksop from Sept 1952 to July 1954,my last and a posting I enjoyed. I was the Cpl in elect. section workshop. If MIKE MIDGLEY is out there please get in touch. A great effort for those initiating this website!.

Posted by JIM FRANCIS on 07/03/2014   Email

I would like to be in touch with MIKE MIDGELY.I hope you see this message as I regret having lost contact just after you did me the honour of being Best Man at my wedding in 1958. Ref.Worksop 1952/54

Posted by Chris.Coulthard on 16/02/2014   Email

I found this site of RAF Worksop fascinating and very interesting. I was surprised to see NCO pilots as instructors. Great days.

Posted by Adie Platts on 09/02/2014   Email

Fascinating, I would love to see some blueprints for the base. As a kid I used to cycle down the old runway as I lived pretty much over the road at Red Barn Farm.

Posted by Mick de Torre on 30/10/2013   Email

Ex Boy Entrant Worksop 1952-1954 then Germany. Finally Waddington on Vulcans until 1958. Mates were the Late Peter Jackson, and Slim Kosh from Folkestone. Wonderful memories

Posted by Mick de Torre on 30/10/2013   Email

Ex Boy Entrant Worksop 1952-1954 then Germany. Finally Waddington on Vulcans until 1958. Mates were the Late Peter Jackson, and Slim Kosh from Folkestone. Wonderful memories

Posted by Gary Bonsall on 07/08/2013   Email

Thanks for putting such a fantastic site together! Just a couple of post-1960 snippets: I used to live on Vessey Road, Worksop in the early 60s directly underneath the flight path and distinctly remember several flights made over my house (take offs and landings) by a Piaggio P166. I'd love to find out more about who operated it. Also, I remember walking up Thievesdale Lane to Scofton aerodrome (never Worksop to us!)in about 1963 or 64 and seeing the runway being used by land yachts.

Posted by Justin Brett on 18/07/2013   Email

I would be interested if anyone still remembers my father, FO Derek John Brett, whose Vampire crashed in August 1957. I was but 4 months old at the time, so unfortunately never knew him.

Posted by Cliff. JOY on 10/05/2013   Email

Can anyone tell me of a civilian RAF Equipment camp, about 10/20 miles from Worksop, closing down in 1967, and was there any missan hut at Worksop, for transit! Cliff.

Posted by Paddy Pollock on 06/03/2013   Email

I served at El Adem 1957 to 1959. The damaged Fire truck was I believe turned over by a COOK, one of the guys let him drive

Posted by John J Bautista on 05/03/2013   Email

At age of almost 85 years, i still have nostalgic memories of RAF Worksop, where I served from early 1952 to September 1954,as N.C.O. i/c Signals Section and lived out at caravasn sites at Mansfield, Ollerto and at RAF Worksop itself.

Posted by Ray Farnsworth on 20/02/2013   Email

I was at RAFWorksop, 211 AFS from Nov 1953 to Mar1953 having been before at RAF Pershore. I flew Meteor 7 and Meteor 8. At the end the Korean War was over and we were to be grounded but I went on to RAF Swinderby and converted on to Varsity. I finished my Nat. Service at RAF Dishforth flying Hastings.

Posted by Fred Baxter on 14/02/2013   Email

Posted to Scofton November 1952, Ground Wireless Section. F/O Nunwick Sgt.Jonah Jones, Arthur Booth, Bill Deller, Don Newsham* Brin Lambley* Ray Shereston* Alan Goodier, David Taff Howells, yours truly. Names with * RIP. Site 3, Brand new everything, even bedside mat, I remember well how a punctured bike wheel found its way round the camp being swapped from another owner for yours! Flying weather so bad that we had two days off in the middle of the week and flying was done at weekends when the factories stopped pushing out smoke. The little hump-backed bridge had to be re-built on the entrance road so the 60 footers could get in with equipment. Retford Town Hall dances were the thing when we worked Saturdays and Sundays, I forget the name of the Worksop venue but that was OK too. I used to print notepaper with letterheads and the RAF crest on the top. Is there any still about?

Posted by Michael de Torre on 14/11/2012   Email

Would like to make contact with any ex member of RAF Worksop to exchange past history. Served there 1952-1954, a great posting.

Posted by sac irwin, ex raf fire service, 59 till 68 on 26/09/2012   Email

great memories, good old raf days

Posted by Geoff Northmore on 23/08/2012   Email

Two postings to Worksop 1954 and 1955. Trained in clear sky Canada. The Meteor and local weather were a challenge during the winter months. Had one quarter of a Nissen hut as a home plus a bicycle for transport. Never missed a Goon show in the mess. I also have a few photos.

Posted by Bruce Robinson on 08/07/2012   Email

Did my National Service at Worksop, from New Year's night 1954 to end of 1955. CO was Group Capt Tyson. I was with Cpl Jock Ross & others working shifts in the Signals Section PBX (telephones). Also helped (as a DJ) to run billet site's cable broadcasting system in evenings. Loved the place. Had a great time there.

Posted by Chris Coulthard on 24/05/2012

An excellent site.I wish I could have visited when it was in use!Interesting to see NCO pilots now no more

Posted by Derick Birch on 17/05/2012   Email

My twin brother Ron & I were posted to RAF Worksop 211AFS from Geilenkirchen Germany October to December 1953 we were Airframe Mechanics, worked on Vampires FB MK 5 & Sabres F86s No 3 ( F ) Squadron for two & half years

Posted by Joe Birt on 08/05/2012

Brilliant - Pictures of the RAFFS of old - I served 1975 - 1998 - Alot of my friends will be interested in this site

Posted by Alistair Ross on 07/05/2012   Email

I own a 1933 MG J2 (FW 4356) that was owned by Maurice Ward, Safety Equipment Section RAF Worksop, this was in 1958..thanks

Posted by Mike Brown on 21/04/2012   Email

The picture with the airman leaning on the spade his name is John Chapman, and the one in one of the photos is Ginger Chapman,if that is any help to you. I have one or two photos some where if can find them,Iwill try to send them to you if you like

Posted by george gibbs on 14/02/2012   Email

served at worksop from 1954 to 1958,in charge of fire section in 58 and then posted to north africa until demob

Posted by Di Ablewhite on 13/02/2012

Brilliant site, I didn't realise you had done so much research! Very impressed and thankyou for the mention.

Posted by David Hodgkiss on 08/02/2012   Email

What agreat site i have been looking into raf worksop for years! its great to see so much info on one site!! keep up the good work!!

Posted by David Stockdale on 03/02/2012   Email

Marvelous site! Cannot believe how much info you have got together. Also, well presented.

Posted by Ben on 31/01/2012   Email

Excellent site... lot of interesting info Regards Ben ' )

Posted by Gary Watson on 31/01/2012

Fine tribute here to RAF Worksop,looks well-smart with a nice layout. Love the B&W shots, well done keep it up. Should keep you busy and well 'tune'in from time to time. Will ask Herbert Watson of Rolls-Royce heritage trust if he has anything on RAF Worksop when I see him in the week. Did give you a mention on my website.

Posted by Penske666 on 12/01/2012

Great site - never knew so much happened at Worksop!