4 Flying Training School

4 FTS Display Team 1957

4FTS Display team in 1957 in front of Vampire FB.5 VV628. Note the Canberra in the background.
Left to right: Flt Lt Jerry Smith, Fg Off Roy Rimington, Sgt Pilot Laurie Adlington and Fg Off Chris Jolifferther. Photo courtesy of David Watkins

Mixed up

A mix of the main aircraft types flown out of Worksop are shown here: back to front Vampire FB.5, Meteor T.7 '51' with belly tank, Vampire T.11 WZ512 and Meteor F.8 '29' in camouflage livery.Photo Courtesy of David Watkins.

WZ508 & XE880
Vampire T.11, XE880, WZ508
This photo shows four of 4 FTSs Vampire FB.5s in flight. The location is unknown but it was either when the aircraft were based at Middleton-St-George or Worksop as XE880 was written off at Worksop in 1957. Photo courtesy of David Watkins