4 Flying Training School Personnel

Wing Commander W L Farquharson
Wing Commander Farquharson, Ferdi, 4 FTS, RAF Worksop
Chief Instructor of 4 FTS Wing Commander W L Farquharson stands in front of a Meteor T.7 in full flying kit. Note the belly fuel tank under the aircraft to give extended range and mobile generator to the left which will be used to start the aircraft. Photo Nancy O'Donovan

1 Squadron
4 FTS, 4 Flying Training School, RAF Worksop, RAF Scofton
1 Squadron pose for an official RAF photograph at Worksop in front of Meteor F8 '22'.
Back row: Pete Houghton, Terry Bliss, unknown, unknown, Mike Waters, Jim Rutter, ? McCansland and Flight Sergeant Baker
Front row: Dickie Banham, Chick Thrower, Peter Bulford, Walter Bibby, Ferdi Farquharson, Joe Le Strange and ? Christie
Photo courtesy of Nancy O'Donovan

2 Squadron
4 FTS, 2 Squadron, RAF Worksop 4 Flying Training School
Sat on wing: Ian Porteous, Bryn Shea, Norma Last, Unknown and Chick Kirkham
Stood:? Rose, Unknown, Bob Hillman, Archie Dick, Mic Meadows, ? Redding, Don Graham and Ken Allan
Kneeling: Unknown, unknown, Allan Brew, ? Payne and ? Glover
Photo courtesy of Nancy O'Donovan

AOC, RAF Worksop, RAF Scofton, 4 FTS
Official photograph of an AOC visit to RAF Worksop on 30th May 1957 with Vampire T.11s in the background (WRK neg no. 651G) Photo courtesy of Nancy O'Donovan

Presenting the Crest at Worksop Town Hall
4 FTS, RAF Worksop, RAF Scofton, Mayor of Worksop
4FTS present the squadron crest at Worksop Town Hall to the Mayor and Mayoress of Worksop, the crest has a pyramid and palm tree gained from the schools time at Abu Sueir in Egypt in 1921 using Avro 504Ks. It was the only training squadron in the Middle East during this time, the school still uses the crest on its Hawk trainers at RAF Valley:
Back row: Squadron leader Trent, Squadron Leader Bibby, unknown, Squadron Leader Gough, Flight Leader Colin Campbell, Flight Leader George Cannon, Squadron Leader Dick, Squadron Leader Bennett (also in charge of 4FTS display team)
Front row: Wing Commander Hill, Mayoress of Worksop, Mayor of Worksop and Wing Commander Farquharson
Photo courtesy of Nancy O'Donovan

Maybe Worksop?
4 FTS, Vampire FB.5
A so far unidentified location showing three pilots and two senior officers - not sure if this is Worksop or Middleton-St-George at present. Photo courtesy of David Watkins